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Foreign Buyer Credit Insurance

SID Bank as a national export-credit agency and agent of the state provides insurance for international business transactions against non-marketable risks on behalf of and for the account of the Republic of Slovenia. Under the umbrella of insurance services, SID Bank also offers export credit insurance in the form of foreign buyer credit insurance. Foreign buyer credit insurance helps Slovenian companies expand beyond EU borders to non-EU markets under competitive conditions and with lower risk. Via export credit insurance, SID Bank provides support for long-term business transactions that enable participants to enter and operate in foreign markets and thereby enhance the long-term growth of exports and the economy’s internationalisation.

SID Bank offers both insurance and financing to foreign companies that purchase Slovenian products and services. Under buyer’s credit insurance, the subject of insurance is a loan granted to a foreign buyer, with the policyholder being the bank which grants it. Several variations are possible with such insurance, like insurance of the buyer’s credit, foreign bank credit, credit line, purchase of receivables, post-financing of a letter of credit (L/C) etc.