Slovenian Business Portal


Citizens of the EU, EEA and Switzerland

Citizens of the EU, EEA (Norway, Lichtenstein and Iceland) and Switzerland have free access to the Slovenian labour market. Regarding employment or searching for work they have the same status as domestic workers.

EU, EEA and Swiss citizens do not need a residence permit to reside and work in Slovenia for up to 90 days. For longer periods, they must register at the administrative unit and acquire a registration certificate.

Employers (a company or an individual) from the EU, EEA and Switzerland may perform services in Slovenia via their employees, regardless of their nationality, without the need to obtain work permits. The employer must register the commencement of the employment in Slovenia at the Employment Service of Slovenia (ESS).

Foreigners from third countries

Foreigners from third countries are foreigners other than those from EU and EEA countries and Switzerland. Foreigners from third countries must have a permit in order to work in Slovenia (a special regime applies to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia). A permit is granted in the form of a single working and residence permit (a Single Permit).

A permit is not required for foreigners who are entered in the Companies Register in Slovenia as founders, partners or supervisory board members of a company, provided they do not perform commercial activities and are not registered as company representatives (up to 90 days yearly). It is also not required for foreign diplomats, foreign reporters for foreign media, business visitors, tourist guides, apprentices, for the hosting of athletes and artists etc.

Certain categories of foreigners from third countries are granted free access to the labour market.